Office Club

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  • The Bussey Building, Block B, Floor 3, 133 Rye Lane,
  • London
  • SE15 4SL

“Co-working in a close community in an iconic building in Peckham”

Nested in the hip Bussey Building, is the Office Club co-working. It has two offices, a bigger one, with mainly full-time desks, and mainly inhabited by small teams. Then there is a smaller office mainly home to freelancers, who hang out together, and on the day I visited, were a little hung-over from doing chilli-shot roulette the night before. The building also hosts, shops, offices, studios, bars,. It often hosts Goldsmith University art student exhibitions, has a festival in the summer, has an open air cinema on the roof, a radio station in a shipping container, and a yoga studio. Membership of the co-working space includes a free fortnightly yoga class.

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